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Have a child, lose a tooth?

“Jedes kind kostet die mutter einen zahn” – Germany “Un enfant, une dent” – France “Minden gyermekért egy fogat” – Hungary It’s a universal “old wives’ tale” repeated around the globe.  Moms know that it’s true. “I have had three … Continue reading

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Taro and Sweet Potato

If the carbohydrate in the diet consisted of rice, bread and grain food, the teeth decayed and disintegrated quickly.  If the carbohydrate was in the form of poi and sweet potato, defective teeth do not decay and eventually become hard … Continue reading

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Something Highly Unusual…

Dr C.L. Drain noticed something highly unusual.  The year was 1927.  During routine dental examination of hospital patients he discovered the complete arrest and healing of cavities in 28 children.  Teeth containing large cavities, which ordinarily would have an area … Continue reading

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Paying for his civilization with his teeth!

In 1908, while Dr Leuman Waugh was a Professor of Pathology at the University of Buffalo, he attended a presentation by the curator of physical anthropology at the Smithsonian Institute dental conditions of the Inuit (Eskimo) race.  The Dr. Waugh … Continue reading

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Dr May Mellanby: A Remarkable Dental Researcher

During the 1920’s and 30’s, Dr May Mellanby undertook “one of the most persistent and intensive investigations that Great Britain has ever seen.”  Those investigations included laboratory and clinical studies of the relationship between diet and teeth, and was published … Continue reading

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