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Dr Mellanby’s Travels

In the annals of popular dental research, Dr Weston Price is revered for his globe-trotting adventures chronically the general and dental health of peoples living free of dental decay. He wasn’t alone, and many distinguished researchers, including Dr May Mellanby, … Continue reading

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How much vitamin D should you be taking?

It is becoming increasingly apparent that current recommendations of vitamin D intake in the range of 200 – 600 IU/day are woefully inadequate.  In 2007, a group of 15 prominent vitamin D and nutritional researchers, a veritable Who’s Who, published … Continue reading

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Have a child, lose a tooth?

“Jedes kind kostet die mutter einen zahn” – Germany “Un enfant, une dent” – France “Minden gyermekért egy fogat” – Hungary It’s a universal “old wives’ tale” repeated around the globe.  Moms know that it’s true. “I have had three … Continue reading

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