Our research and personal experience have shown us that it is absolutely possible to promote and maintain decay resistance and dental wellness through nutrition.

Yet when we searched for nutritional products that provided all the crucial elements necessary to achieve this, we repeatedly came up short. We finally decided to create the exact formulas and products that we wanted to use for ourselves and for our families and offer them to the public.

Research and development of The Dental Essentials is based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and all our products are manufactured at our FDA registered and fully cGMP compliant facility in NY state, backed by 30 years experience creating and producing high quality vitamin supplements.

As part of our unyielding commitment to product quality and consistency, all ingredients undergo rigorous testing to ensure purity and quality before they can be included in our products.

What you will find is the ideal and scientifically proven combination of natural ingredients that promotes dental health and strength, and enhances your body’s natural ability to heal.

By providing science-based information and resources along with our honest, no-nonsense guarantee of quality and effectiveness, we respect our customers desire for reliable and trustworthy health and wellness alternatives.


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